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Can You Steal It Walkthrough is a room escape app that challenges you to crack the safe and find the loot. Each level is one big puzzle with several smaller parts. In order to figure out the pattern, you need to search for clues. Once you find random items, you can tap on them to use it to open an area or unlock a new section. Some of the items you collect can be used on later stages. If you get stumped, there is a hint feature. Once you’ve run out of those, we’re all you got! Bookmark this site and get in the game!

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Can You Steal It Walkthrough

Can You Steal It is a fantastic new room escape game from the makers of Hi Guess The Brand and all the others in this series. It's a fun game that is simple, clean and family friendly. If you like the room escape game genre, but aren't into the dark and evil side that many of the games feature, this one might be for you.

Solve clues in different Stages of the game to steal the featured items. Each room has different puzzles to solve but they are all fun and a good workout for the brain. If you get stuck on any Stage, Can You Steal It Walkthrough is here to provide you with step by step, text-based instructions to pass each level.